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                                                            NEWS 2024 Daniel Zerbst

(above) Double – Exhibition «POLLENFLUG & NEURONENFEUER»

Vita-Villa (Pollenflug) in Wolfenbüttel & Vita-Mine (Neuronenfeuer) in Braunschweig / Germany.

Paintings – Drawings – Collages – Mix.Media – 3D Boxes – Graphic Art – Film

20.04 – 26.05.2024


Braunschweiger Zeitung, Kultur & Leben, 22.04.24

Wolfenbütteler Schaufenster, 14.04.24

Winner Award for the Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short Film, New York Istanbul Short Film Festival / USA

Award Best Music for Witches of Everland III, Independent Youth Int. Film Festival, China.

Score Witches of Everland III, Always Late TV Movie Awards / USA

Audiovisual lecture «Neuronenfeuer», School EOI in Figueres, Catalunya, Spain.

International Art Workshop and Exhibition «Connecting Cultures Through Arts» organized by the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts in Kathmandu.
Audiovisual lecture at the Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Kathmandu.                                                                        In cooperation with Studio 20.21 & Culture Without Borders.
Presentation of «Witches of Everland III», Documentary film production, catalogues.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Collective Exhibition, Galerie Studio 20.21, 01. – 15.03.2024, Kalkar / Germany

Witches of Everland III, last part of the trilogy, filmed in 4K, 25 min.

Witches of Everland III trailer

Making of «Witches of Everland III» (last part of the film trilogy)

Award for Best Poster / Press Kit «Witches of Everland II», Fortean Film Festival, England

Nomination for «Witches of Everland II, Film Festival Cefalu, Italy

Making of «Witches of Everland III»,article «Wolfenbüttler Schaufenster»    

28.08.23 / Germany.

Honorable Mention / International Experimental Short, Cui Lin Short Film Award

Shanghai International Short Week / China.

Award «Best Sci Fi Fim» & Review «Witches of Everland II», Festival FILMTAGE DER NATIONEN, Frankfurt a.m. / Germany

Exhibition INTO THE WILD, oil paintings, 3d-boxes, mixed medias. Atelier Natalia Tomàs, Cadaqués

Catalunya / Spain, 10.06 – 24.06.23

Best Experimental Film Award / 3rd Rank

Roshani International Film Festival 2023

Film Education and Welfare Foundation Aurangabad    Aurangabad, Maharashtra / India


Presentation and Screening of «Witches of Everland I+II», Teatre Art i Joia, June 2023 Cadaqués, Catalunya / Spain

Witches of Everland I+II, Teatre Art i Joia, Cadaqués

Premiere & presentation of «Witches of Everland II», 04.05.2023, 19.00h in the GALERIA H2O in Barcelona

Finalist Golden Reel International Film Festival, Witches of Everland II, Singapore

Winner Award «Best Experimental Short» Cosmo Genetics Film Festival, Witches of Everland I, St.Petersburg / Mexico

Golden Winner Award «Witches of Everland II» for the BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN, Tokyo Film Awards / Japan.
Nominee for the BEST FILM POSTER
Alternative Film Festival ALTFF
Toronto, Canada
Winner Award for the BEST SCI-FI/FANTASY Short Film, The Gladiator Film Festival, Istanbul / Turkey.

AWARD «Best Drama Short», Gold Star Movie Awards / USA

AWARD «Best SCI-FIF/ Fantasy Short & Best Editing», Close Film Festival / Iran

AWARD «Best Experimental Short Film», Indian Independent Film Festival / India

AWARD «Best Fantasy Short Film», Adbhooture Film Festival, India

AWARD «Best SCI-FI/Fantasy Short Film & Best Costume/Make up», Golden Wheat Awards / Turkey

for short film «Witches of Everland II» (second part of the shortfilm – trilogy)

AMARKOR, performance by Celeste Ramos, Video

WITCHES OF EVERLAND II, Film poster, see the trailer in  shortfilm / videos, above

Exhibit extended until 07.12.2022 🙂

Exhibition «INCUBADORES» (Incubators) Art En Brut Gallery / Showroom. 21.10 – 21.11.2022

Banyoles, Catalunya / Spain

6th Film Award for «Witches of Everland» / Best Europe Film / by the EUROPEAN CINEMATOGRAPHY  AWARDS

Exhibition «EVERLAND»

02.09 – 27.11.2022          Studio 20.21           Kalkar / Germany


All the original PAINTINGS of the MOVIES




Exhibition «Everland»: Rheinische Post (left)

Niederrhein Nachrichten (above)

Exhibition «Everland» – Opening – Studio 20.21

Exhibition «Jamboree» – Opening – KUNSTkonsortium 

Installation Polaroids (above)

Braunschweiger Zeitung (right)

Braunschweiger Zeitung, 22.08.2022

Exhibitions of the 42nd edition of the «Miniprint Internacional de Cadaqués 2022

Exhibitions in Cadaqués and Pineda del Mar (Barcelona) Spain

Wingfield Art Festival / England

«L’ Etang de Art», Bagés / France

Preview and live performance «Witches of Everland II» in the Atelier Natalia Tomás     

Exhibition «Memorias del Futuro» , Cadaqués, Catalunya / Spain

Exhibition «Memorias Del Futuro» (black boxes) pictures in 3D. Atelier Natalia Tomás in Cadaqués
Calalunya / Spain. 17.06 – 30.06. 2022

Completion of the filming of «Witches of Everland II» , June 2022
Making of «Witches of Everland II» Airport Tempelhof, Berlin
Presentation of «Witches of Everland I + II» at the Award Winner of the KIEZ BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL
in the Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin

Making of «Walking the Pyrenees with Michael Portillo», TV Programme for Channel 5                  United Kingdom.

Photography 1 + 3 (clockwise) by Curve Media Limited (Production Company) London / United Kingdom
Interview, painting + introducing Robotdog N.I.M.I.E.Z (EALON) and Owly (WITCHES OF EVERLAND)
at the Cap de Creus, Catalunya / Spain
Making of «Witches of Everland II» Artwork of everland
Nomination Fest Hollywood: Witches of Everland, official selection STANDALONE AWARD NOMINATION FEST 2022, Los Angeles Hollywood, USA
«Wolfenbüttler Schaufenster», Germany 06.03.2022
Making of «artwork + filming» Studio 20.21 in Kalkar / Germany
AWARD WINNER «Best Experimental», Witches of Everland, GOLDEN HARVEST FILM FESTIVAL 2022 in Tokyo / Japan.
Making of «Witches of Everland II» (videostills) in Berlin, Hamburg and Braunschweig / Germany

AWARD WINNER «Best Short Science Fiction Film» CYBER FILM FESTIVAL 2022, United Kingdom

AWARD for the «Best Artist Short Film» Witches of Everland, KIEZ BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Berlin, Germany

FINALIST «Covid-19 special-film»  LULEAº INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and SEMI FINALIST                                    «Best experimental short film» STOCKHOLM CITY FILM FESTIVAL, Sweden


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Official Selection Witches of Everland by the METROPOLIS FILM FESTIVAL 2022 in Milan / Italy

FINALIST «Witches of Everland» ART FILM AWARDS, December Edition 2021, Skopje / Macedonia
FINALIST «Witches of Everland» by the ART FILM AWARD 12.2021 in Skopje / Macedonia

   TCL Chinese Theatre Hollywood

«The Biggest Indie Film Festival of 2021 in Hollywood»

Official Selection of the STANDALONE FILM FESTIVAL & AWARDS 2022, Hollywood – Los Angeles, USA

HIJAS DEL MAR / Corallium Rubrum – endangered species (final result) watercolour on graphic print                           on Rössler – paper (160gm2) 42×29,8cm. Serie of 20 individual ex.

org. photo by Anne Turan (above)

Making of  «writing with coralls» for serie /mix. med. «HIJAS DEL MAR – Corallium Rubrum – endangered species»

Image by Galeria H2O Barcelona

Presentation «Witches of Everland» in the GALERIA H2O in Barcelona / Catalunya – Spain   25.11.2021

Videostills underwater-footage «Witches of Everland II» Owly`s Comeback + Pulpo 😉

OWLWALK (woe2) oil painting & pencil on canvas, 120 x 60cm

Galeria Patrick J. Domken 10.2021

NEW ORDER (Einschulung) oil painting, pencil & collage on wood (3d) 98 x 80cm

Presentation of  «WITCHES OF EVERLAND» in the SOCIETAT L’ AMISTAT in Cadaqués , Catalunya (Spain)

Original Graphic-Edition made in Studio 20.21: «Owly in Everland » (left) 18x13cm (motive) + «Gran Turismo» (right) 40x30cm (motive). High quality digital print on handmade paper, edition: each 20 ex. Signed & numbered by the artist. Available at Studio 20.21 (Kunstdruck) (web)  + (email)

Kalkar Kultur Pfad 2021 : Exhibitions in the city – feat. Studio 20.21 & Kunsthaus, 25+26.09.21 in Kalkar / Germany

Exhibition «BLAU» in the Studio 20.21 and film presentation «Witches of Everland»,  Summer in the city / Sommer in der Stadt Kalkar / Germany. Exhibition until 10 of October 2021

Artwork Studio 20.21 🙂

Kultursommer im Schloss Wolfenbüttel, presentation of  «Witches of Everland»  08.2021 / Germany

Kultursommer & Sommerkino im Schloss Wolfenbüttel,  08.2021 in Wolfenbüttel / Germany

Wolfenbüttler Schaufenster, 15.08.21

Trailer «Witches of Everland»

StayHomeStayTame II , diptychon (painting & drawing)

Stay Home Stay Tame I (triptychon) Detail (original, see painting&drawing)

Diptychon Stay Home Stay Tame, oil painting & drawing on 2 canvas, 120x50cm (final step)

step 2 / final drawing + first oil painting

«Memories of Phase Rem», Cd electronic music by GONZA MAGILLA / LA OLLA EXPRESS.   Barcelona (release 12.2020). Titel and cover art by Daniel Zerbst 🙂

Older / before 2021: see BLOG Daniel Zerbst