Daniel Zerbst  Filmography  – Trailer / Videos 2024

Witches of Everland III, the final Part of the trilogy, filmed in 4K, 25 min.

Witches of Everland III, trailer

WITCHES OF EVERLAND II (trailer) short film, musical, 23:30min, 2022

 WITCHES OF EVERLAND, musical, 18:00min, 2021 (trailer)

fiction – adventure – fantasy – musical / a short film by Daniel Zerbst

with Esther Fernandez Iglesias, Mariama Ndiaya, Nieves Montero Rodriguez, Joyce Müller, Marcus Venosa, Laure Zizine and Owly. Music composed, arranged & recorded by Louie.

RAUSCHHAUS (TRAILER) A documentary about a secret art project in a abandoned «Ghost house» in Germany,

1990 – 1993.

Original Betacam-footage by Eike Heuer in 1993. First edition in Hildesheim / Germany in 2001.

Re-edition + Postproduction 2020.

Sondtracks by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas + Louie Craddock Bottmer, Stefan May & Daniel Z

original short film 6.30min  english  03.2020


a gothic (visionary) sience fiction – short film

with Eline Fernandez & Enrique Barro

 story by Jan Imèric, script by Takuya Fukushima

music by J.Imèric and Lou Craddock Bottmer



a fantastic folk sience fiction short film

in collaboration with Loos Skola and Kulturkossan

Sweden. English-Swedish / 18min. / 2018

STARCRUISER (STJÄRNKRYSSAREN) TRAILER, a sf-short film, in collaboration with the school of Loos and Kulturkossan / Sweden.

EALON (trailer) a science fiction short film.

Music by Dj Koze and Apparat.

with Martin A. Wigley, Analía Lévêque and Ivan Donat

English / 14.50min / 2015

YES WE CAMP (trailer) Muses, Amazones & Hunting Areas. Artistic «making of» the painting-cyclus YES WE CAMP.

With Analía Lévêque, Elin, Linda & Lea

the Amazones & the Mayday-Maidens 🙂

Music / english / 4.55min / 2014

OPALO (trailer) a psychedelic musical video

5.17min / 2012

PHASE REM (trailer) a fantastic journey. Musical short film

with Analía Léveque, J & J Weir and Martin A.Wigley

Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre

8min / 2012

TRANSIT (trailer) a magical journey through time and space. Narration

With Amada Suero , Josep Turu Gómez & others.

Edition & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

Narration by Zoê Valls

English / 17min / 2009

NACHTFLUG (trailer) a mysterious nightflight between dream & reality. Narration

With Mascha Roos, Sophia Sauer & many more

Edition & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

Narration by Zoê Valls

English / 10min / 2008

THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH (trailer) a historical short film about the ancient mesopotamien Epic (my first short film 🙂

Narration by Martin A. Wigley. With Javier de Juan-Creix & many more.

Postproduction & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

English / 7min / 2006