Daniel Zerbst  Film – Trailer / Videos 2021

 WITCHES OF EVERLAND, musical, 18:00min, 2021 (trailer)

fiction – adventure – fantasy – musical / a short film by Daniel Zerbst

with Esther Fernandez Iglesias, Mariama Ndiaya, Nieves Montero Rodriguez, Joyce Müller, Marcus Venosa, Laure Zizine and Owly. Music composed, arranged & recorded by Louie.

RAUSCHHAUS (TRAILER) A documentary about a secret art project in a abandoned «Ghost house» in Germany,

1990 – 1993.

Original Betacam-footage by Eike Heuer in 1993. First edition in Hildesheim / Germany in 2001.

Re-edition + Postproduction 2020.

Sondtracks by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas + Louie Craddock Bottmer, Stefan May & Daniel Z

original short film 6.30min  english  03.2020


a gothic (visionary) sience fiction – short film

with Eline Fernandez & Enrique Barro

 story by Jan Imèric, script by Takuya Fukushima

music by J.Imèric and Lou Craddock Bottmer



a fantastic folk sience fiction short film

in collaboration with Loos Skola and Kulturkossan

Sweden. English-Swedish / 18min. / 2018

STARCRUISER (STJÄRNKRYSSAREN) TRAILER, a sf-short film, in collaboration with the school of Loos and Kulturkossan / Sweden.

EALON (trailer) a science fiction short film.

Music by Dj Koze and Apparat.

with Martin A. Wigley, Analía Lévêque and Ivan Donat

English / 14.50min / 2015

YES WE CAMP (trailer) Muses, Amazones & Hunting Areas. Artistic «making of» the painting-cyclus YES WE CAMP.

With Analía Lévêque, Elin, Linda & Lea

the Amazones & the Mayday-Maidens 🙂

Music / english / 4.55min / 2014

OPALO (trailer) a psychedelic musical video

5.17min / 2012

PHASE REM (trailer) a fantastic journey. Musical short film

with Analía Léveque, J & J Weir and Martin A.Wigley

Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre

8min / 2012

TRANSIT (trailer) a magical journey through time and space. Narration

With Amada Suero , Josep Turu Gómez & others.

Edition & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

Narration by Zoê Valls

English / 17min / 2009

NACHTFLUG (trailer) a mysterious nightflight between dream & reality. Narration

With Mascha Roos, Sophia Sauer & many more

Edition & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

Narration by Zoê Valls

English / 10min / 2008

THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH (trailer) a historical short film about the ancient mesopotamien Epic (my first short film 🙂

Narration by Martin A. Wigley. With Javier de Juan-Creix & many more.

Postproduction & Soundtrack by Borja F. Alexandre Centellas

English / 7min / 2006